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Why do men get erectile dysfunction? Many factors can contribute to erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence). Lifestyle choices, such as excessive drinking, smoking, illegal drug use, as well as obesity and stress, can all have an impact on erections. Erectile dysfunction can also be a symptom of underlying health problems such as atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries), heart disease, and diabetes, amongst others. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction should inform their GPs who will undertake an assessment, possibly perform tests, and provide advice. GPs are trained to deal with ED and are sympathetic to any embarrassment it may cause. See erectile dysfunction medical information for further details. Viagra warnings Viagra tablets may not be suitable if any of the following apply: You suffer from heart disease or heart rhythm problems You have had a heart attack or stroke within the last six months You have high or low blood pressure You suffer from liver or kidney disease You are a haemophiliac You suffer from sickle cell anaemia or leukaemia There is a physical deformity of the penis You suffer from retinitis pigmentosa You have a stomach ulcer If any of the above apply, it is important to let your prescriber know so they can judge whether Viagra pills will be safe for you to use. Viagra tablets can lower the blood pressure. For most men, this isn't a concern. However, this effect on blood pressure can be exaggerated if Viagra is taken with a nitrate drug, such as Isosorbide or Glyceryl Trinitrate (GTN). If taking nitrate drugs then Viagra 50mg tablets should not be used. Viagra 100mg tablets should be used in caution if combined with alpha blockers due to the potential hypotensive effects. Viagra may be taken with alpha-blockers, provided there is at least a six-hour gap between the medicines, however, it must never be taken with nitrates. You should avoid using the recreational drug 'Poppers', also called 'Aromas' or 'Room Odourisers' when you are taking Viagra as these also contain nitrates and can have dangerous effects on blood pressure. How to use Viagra Guidelines state you should take one Viagra tablet at least 1 hour before sex. Viagra can take up to an hour to take effect in some men, although it can take effect in as little as 20 minutes in some men. Viagra can produce an effect for up to 4 - 5 hours. You should never take more than a tablet for erectile dysfunction (Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra) in a 24-hour period. Avoid eating any foods before taking Viagra and try to limit your alcohol intake to ensure it remains effective. Viagra does not always work for everyone the first time they use it. If this is the case you should not give up, guidelines state that you should try Viagra at least 8 times before trying an alternative treatment such as Cialis, Spedra or Levitra. Depending on your response you may need to increase or decrease your strength as appropriate.


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Yes, it is safe to buy Viagra online from trusted and regulated sellers like Superdrug Online Doctor. Be aware when buying Viagra online - Viagra is one of the most counterfeited medicines in the world, and fake Viagra has been known to contain ingredients such as methamphetamine, printer ink, or drywall. If you’re buying Viagra online in the UK, make sure that the company is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) who make sure that they are dispensing real medicine, and real doctors are prescribing them. Does Viagra expire? Viagra, like most medications, has a shelf life and can become less effective if it’s left unused for too long. You should check the expiry date on your own packet, and should be stored below 30°C and out of direct sunlight. You should aim to use your medication by the expiration date printed on the box of your medication. If your Viagra is past the expiration date, you should take it to a pharmacy for them to dispose of, and buy a new box of Viagra as it may not be safe to take it.

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Maintaining a healthy weight, eating balanced diet and regular exercising may help you manage erectile dysfunction. Avoid consumption of alcohol to treat your condition effectively as consuming excessive amount of alcohol may temporarily impair your ability to get an erection. Avoid usage of tobacco. Share intimate time with your partner. Special Advise Do not take Viagra 100 mg Tablet 1's if you have recently taken medicines used to treat angina or chest pain such as nitrates. Take Viagra 100 mg Tablet 1's 30minutes to 4 hours before sexual intercourse. However, it is best to take it an hour prior to sexual activity. Do not take Viagra 100 mg Tablet 1's more than once in a day. Take Viagra 100 mg Tablet 1's as prescribed by the doctor. Talk to your doctor if the erection persists for greater than four hours after the sexual intercourse. Consult your doctor before taking Viagra 100 mg Tablet 1's if you have sickle cell anaemia (an abnormality of red blood cells), multiple myeloma (cancer of bone marrow) or leukaemia (cancer of blood cells). Discuss with your doctor before taking Viagra 100 mg Tablet 1's if you have stomach ulcers, bleeding problems or any heart problems.

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Nitrate medicines include glyceryl trinitrate (also called nitroglycerin). Common trade names for glyceryl trinitrate tablets include Anginine and Lycinate. Common trade names for glyceryl trinitrate patches include Nitro-Dur, Transiderm-Nitro, Nitroderm TTS, and Minitran. Common trade names for glyceryl trinitrate sprays include Nitrolingual and Glytrin. Trade names for glyceryl trinitrate injections include Glyceryl Trinitrate Concentrate and Glyceryl Trinitrate. Common trade names for other nitrate preparations include Imdur Durules, Monodur Durules, Sorbidin, Isordil, Imtrate, Duride, Isomonit, Ikorel and Sodium Nitroprusside. There may be other trade names not listed here. Do not take Viagra if you are taking guanylate cyclase stimulators (GCS), such as Adepmas (riociguat). GCS is a type of medicine used to treat high blood pressure in the blood vessels in the lungs caused by blood clots in the lungs (chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension, CTEPH) or narrowing of the vessels that carry blood from the heart to the lungs (pulmonary arterial hypertension or PAH). Do not take Viagra if you: have heart or blood vessel problems that make sexual intercourse inadvisable have suffered a heart attack or stroke in the last 6 months have severe liver problems have blood pressure that is unusually high or low or is not effectively treated have loss of vision in one or both eyes from an eye disease called non-arteritic anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (NAION) have an eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa. Do not take Viagra if you have an allergy to sildenafil or similar medicines or any of the ingredients listed at the end of this leaflet. An allergic reaction can include: hives, itching or skin rash swelling of the face, lips or tongue which may lead to difficulty swallowing or breathing. Do not take Viagra if the packaging is torn or shows signs of tampering, or does not look quite right even if the tablets may look alright. Do not take Viagra if the expiry date on the pack has passed. If it has expired or is damaged, return it to your pharmacist for disposal. Before you start to take it Tell your doctor if you: have any allergies to any other medicines or any other substances such as foods, preservatives or dyes. have any other heart or blood vessel problems. have previously had sudden loss of eyesight in one or both eyes. have any of the following medical conditions: - diabetes, especially if you also have eye problems - kidney or liver problems - leukaemia (cancer of the blood cells) - multiple myeloma (a cancer of the bone marrow) - any disease or deformity of your penis - any bleeding disorder such as haemophilia - stomach ulcer - a disease of the blood called sickle cell anaemia - colour vision problems - previously experienced sudden decrease or loss of hearing. are taking or using any other treatment for impotence. are taking any medicines to treat high blood pressure in the vessels of the lungs (pulmonary arterial hypertension) including Tracleer (bosentan) or Revatio which also contains sildenafil.


Not usually. Studies show men usually find the same dose will be effective over a period of years. The body does not get used to the medicine. ED tends to be a slowly progressive condition, increasing with age, however unless there is an underlying medical progression the same dose should produce the same effect. What is the difference between Viagra and sildenafil? The main difference is the name. Viagra is a brand name for sildenafil. Medically they are the same, having the same active ingredient, the medical name of which is sildenafil. Both come in packs of 4 and 8 tablets and in strengths of 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. Sildenafil is usually much lower cost because it is produced by numerous competing drug companies. Branded Viagra is produced only by Pfizer. What is the difference between Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra? The main difference is their duration of action: Viagra (sildenafil) works for about 4 hours; Levitra (vardenafil) for 4-5 hours; and Cialis (tadalafil) for about 36 hours. Each of these medicines work in the same way, by changing the blood flow in the penis, and side effects are similar. Some men find one works better for them than another, although most men find each one equally effective, but for different durations. Men can choose which tablet they use depending on the time they expect to be sexually active. An erection will only occur in the presence of arousal, and without it the treatment remains inactive. Can I get Viagra on the NHS? NHS GPs can prescribe sildenafil, although usually do so in limited quantities (1 per week) and will not prescribe branded Pfizer Viagra due to cost. NHS prescription fees apply. See Sildenafil on the NHS.